Landmark Shingles – Benefits, Features and Installation

Landmark shingles are a designer line of roofing shingles developed by CertainTeed. With over 100 years of experience in the business, the company is known for innovative technology, quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Owned by Saint-Gobain, CertainTeed provides roofing material and Landmark shingles to contractors, professionals and home improvement centers across North America.

What are shingles and why should I put them on my roof?

Shingles are a material that allows you to cover your roof to make it very resistant against bad weather. In most cases, shingles are flat and rectangular in shape a professional would install them all the way from the base or bottom of them roof to the high most end. The shingles are installed in a fashion that each of them overlaps with the previous shingle.

There are 5 major benefits of installing a shingle roof

Photo of a freshly installed landmark roof

First, having a shingle roof is very cost efficient, because the shingles are usually produced in large quantities and are therefore much cheaper when compared to other roofing materials. Second, they have a beautiful look and feel. Shingles come in all sorts of different colors and textures. You can design your roof exactly the way you like it, the colors work with any home.

Third, the installation is much easier when compared to other materials. For you this means, you will have people on your roof for a shorter amount of time and save some cash.

Fourth, shingles are much lighter materials than for example tile, slate and some of the other materials. In general, any type of home can carry asphalt shingles well, because they are light enough, not to affect the structure of the home too much.

Fifth, last but not least asphalt shingles have a very long lifespan. The shingles are so durable that they usually last for 10 to 30 years.

All these factors make shingles a great choice for your roof! Let’s next dive into the options that you have and the factors that make Landmark Shingles a good choice for you.

Features of Landmark Asphalt Shingles

  • Numerous Colors: With over 35 different colors from which to choose, matching your existing structure or roofing material is simple when using Landmark shingles. Each set of shingles is designed to reduce repetition and patterns to provide a clean, even look on roofs of any size. Dense granulation ensures that every shingle a deep, rich look that will last.
  • Algae Resistance: CertainTeed guarantees all Landmark shingles to be algae resistant for 10 years after installation.
  • Wind Resistance: When properly installed, Landmark shingles and roof shingles are designed to withstand winds nearing 115 miles per hour for up to 15 years from the date install. The addition of CertainTeed starter and CertainTeed hip and ridge components improves coverage to 130 miles per hour.

Closeup photo of landmark shingles

  • Exceptional Warranties: Lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects with approved installation.
  • Durability: A specialized two-piece lamination process and fiberglass components ensure industry-leading durability and flexibility while maintaining a smooth, consistent surface for long lasting performance.
  • Easy Installation: Self-sealing adhesive strips and a 1.5-inch nailing strip make Landmark shingles easier to install than most of the competition.

These traits, combined with the first-class reputation of CertainTeed, have made Landmark shingles and solar shingles a common roofing solution provider in many modern home construction and renovation projects. A collection of over 35 colors is available in four distinct lines to make finding the perfect shingles for your job or budget simple. This level of customization and flexibility is just one of the reasons that Landmark shingles review listings are almost always positive.

Example of a house with a red shingle color

Four Lines of Landmark Shingles

  • Landmark: This is the entry-level model of Landmark shingles. It proudly features a dual-layer design and a rating of 240 pounds per square. Multiple colors are available, including the Energy Star-rated Silver Birch.
  • Landmark Pro: Landmark Pro increases the strength of the traditional Landmark shingles to 250 pounds per square and adds a full line of Max Def colors for additional color choices and optimal appearance.
  • Landmark Premium: With a strength of 300 pounds per square, the Landmark shingles premium series include wind-resistance warranties up to 130 miles per hour as well as the 15-year streak fighter warranty against discoloration.
Example of a house with green shingles
  • Landmark TL: This premiere Landmark shingles series utilize a special three-layer lamination process for industry-leading strength and durability. The appearance of these shingles mimic classic hand-split wood shakes for a beautiful and stunning appearance while a rating of 305 pounds per square ensures long-lasting performance in variety of climates and environments.

Once installed by a certified professional, CertainTeed guarantees their Landmark shingles series for an industry leading 50 years. From an exceptional appearance to outstanding performance, the Landmark shingles price makes them one of the most popular roofing solutions available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me break done the factors that you have to consider when planning to make a big investment in a new roof. Here are a couple of questions that should steer you in the right direction:

  • What is the size of my roof?
  • What is the pitch of my roof?
  • How many shingles will I approximately need for my roof?
  • How much does the removal of my old roof cost?

 What is the size of my roof?

Roofs are usually measured in squares where one square is equal to 100 square feet. The average size of a home in the US is about 30 squares, so we will use this number for our example.

What is the pitch of my roof?

As a rule of thumb, steep roofs are usually more expensive to replace. You calculate the angle of your roof using a ration. For this example I use a common 6-12 pitch.

How many shingles will I approximately need for my roof?

It is very easy to under/overestimate how many shingles your roof actually needs. Always consider that you will have some waste, the rule of thumb here is to expect about 10%. There is always some other things that will add up and it is recommended that for a 30 squares home you estimate to use 40 squares.

How much does the removal of my old roof cost?

I cannot speak for everyone here, but the roof removal for the average home in the US costs about $1000. This always depends on the size of your roof, which company you hire and many other factors.